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About Edgebuild

Edgebuild is a residential and commercial building company, providing excellence since 1998.

Our tried and tested full service building practice is structured to give you peace of mind at every stage of the building process, including feasibility studies, architectural design, planning, permits, building and construction methods and landscaping, right through to hand over.

Edgebuild has the team and experience to deliver your project, importantly on time and on budget.

Edgebuild’s client friendly building process allows us to keep you informed and the project on track.
Our transparent style of client liaising is sometimes seen as “old fashioned” by our competitors….this statement only puts a smile on our face because it reflects our core values;
Superb customer service, Exceptional attention to detail and Absolutely no compromise on building workmanship.

The decision to build a new home, or to renovate an existing home, is probably one of the most important decisions you will ever make.  Your choice of Builder is paramount in the successful construction and completion of your new home.

Your Builder needs to understand that what they are constructing is indeed a “Home”.  Your Builder’s commitment to the project needs to be equal to your own and will always strive to exceed your expectations.

A Builder who is flexible, able to accommodate the evolution of a project and always available to answer your question.  Welcome to Edgebuild.

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